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It’s Finally Here!


We are so excited to finally announce that our first app The Bubble Bomps is now available on iTunes!

We started WeeFeel over 2 years ago in the hopes to teach Jacob, our 5 year old, about his emotions in a fun, simple and engaging way. The more research we did on emotional intelligence and child development, and the more we talked to parents and teachers in our community about how they taught their children/students about emotional intelligence, the more we realized there was a real need for what we were doing.

From the beginning we have worked very closely with a team of teachers to make sure all of our products are educational. A lot of love has gone into our apps and we hope it shines through as you read it to your child!

The Bubble Bomps is a fantastic conversation-starter about what happens when children get the giggles and can’t calm down. Explore emotions in a fun, engaging way.

Giggles guaranteed!

YAY!! It’s here you guys! Check it out! Let me know what you think. 


Simon VieiraComment