Hola, I'm Simon

I'm an award-winning product designer & creative director.

Here’s my highlight reel:

1. I have 10 years experience in senior design positions, with extensive experience managing teams, directing the core visual elements of brands and solving complex design challenges by using design thinking and human-centered design processes.

2. My experience ranges from startups to big corporations. Notable names include EA, Vancouver Film School (where I also taught), CBC, Warner Brothers, Disney and Dreamworks.

3. I have worked on many AAA and mobile titles including FIFA 15, FIFA 16 and FIFA17. I have helped create and launch several social games titles including one of the fastest growing games on Facebook, for Blitzoo. I have designed from the ground up one of the top 10 educational products of 2012, Storypanda. I also co-founded a company to teach kids about 21st century skills through technology and sold our first intellectual property to Tricon Films & Television.

4. My work has been featured in the Apple App Store, Wired, FastCompany, Mashable, Forbes, and many others.