Storypanda is an interactive tablet publishing app that provides the tools for parents and kids to create and share stories together.


How to create an identity that will tell a story about a red panda that is appealing to kids and “urban” parents and that showcases Storypanda’s big idea.


After the research phase, sketches, concept development, and based on the brand pyramid that was developed with the client, we identified 4 key brand aspects: Storytelling, creativity/playfulness, technology, and honesty.


Storytelling: Create a red panda delivery guy that lives inside the Company’s app. He delivers all the stories from the users that create and share them. He is modern, hip, playful, youthful and unconventional. Oh, he also rides a vespa.

Creativity and playfulness: Create a scribble to replace the O in story.

Technology: Blue colour palette.

Honesty: Uppercase, no BS san–serif font


Storypanda has been featured throughout top media outlets, including FastCompany, Mashable, Wired, Forbes, and the Financial Post.

Storypanda has been named one of the top digital media companies to watch for.

Storypanda has secured partnerships with Warner Brothers, Peanuts, Dreamworks with all of them saying they love the brand.